Neighbourhood Watch -Halloween and Bonfire Night

Have fun but stay safe this Halloween

Halloween can be a scary time for some. Why not let visitors know if you would rather not have callers by displaying one of our “no trick or treating” door signs at ? You’ll be able to get our advice for older friends and family members too.


Are you going trick or treating? Make sure younger children are accompanied by an adult and only knock on doors of people they know are expecting them.

Going to a Halloween Party? An empty house could be tempting for some. For tips to help keep your home and important items safe, visit

Top safety tips for a safer Bonfire Night

Most people lock up when going out to a firework display – but what if you’re watching fireworks from the garden? For our top tips to keep your home and belongings safe, visit

Make sure your loved ones and pets stay safe too. For everything you need to know about firework safety, visit ROSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) at