Kent Against Burglary

Kent Against Burglary

Most of us lock our homes before going out or going to bed, but what about during the day when most burglaries happen? Our annual burglary prevention campaign, which runs from October to January, shares top tips to help residents protect their homes and valuables from opportunistic thieves.


Do you also :

  • use timer switches on lights and radios to make it look like you’re home?
  • keep car keys, cash and expensive items somewhere safe and out of sight?
  • security-mark and photograph important items to help identify them if needed?
  • use a safe to store gold jewellery  – or better still, a safety deposit box at your bank?

By working together, we can make it harder for thieves to strike.


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Dealing with unexpected visitors

Do your elderly parents, neighbours or friends worry about bogus callers? Would they know what to do if an unexpected visitor calls?

Why not share our advice on what to do if someone unexpected stops by –