Brian Cook- Chairman

Lee Burgess – Vice Chairman

Wendy Harwood

Mavis Hibben

David Nutting

Roger Sills

There is currently a vacancy for Tunstall Urban. Anyone interested in this role must contact the Clerk.

Councillors represent all residents and were elected to the following Wards:

Tunstall Rural:    Cllrs. Roger Sills and Cllr Mavis Hibben

Tunstall Urban:   Cllrs. Lee Burgess, Cllr Brian Cook, Cllr Wendy Harwood and Cllr David Nutting



Police/Parish Council Liaison:  Cllr Brian Cook

Five Parishes Group:  Cllr Lee Burgess, Cllr Mavis Hibben and Cllr Roger Sills

Village Hall Committee:  Cllr David Nutting and Cllr Roger Sills

School Liaison: Cllr Roger Sills

Speed Watch:  Cllr Brian Cook

Development Policy Framework Review Working Group

Cllr Hibben (Chair), Cllr Burgess, Cllr Nutting, Mr Gordon Viggers,  Mrs Vivien Rich and Mrs Sue Senior


Members’ Interests